SOLE CHEF for 32 mt S/Y

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We are looking for a Sole Chef to join a lovely 32m Private Sailing Yacht. Short Seasonal position. The position is open for both female and male candidates. A contract is considered until August as the boat will be sold. (about 3 months, but not certain) The yacht based in Palma. MED itinerary. The chef will be responsible for the galley catering for 5 crew and only 2-4 guests. The owner is an elderly Italian lady who is cruising usually with her husband and maybe with 2 more friends. We are looking for someone who cooks well-Italian cuisine, very simple but healthy & clean food. Pasta, risotto, fish, cold cuts. The position is for a good cook more than a chef. Stewarding duties also very important, interior is immaculate. The captain has been on board for 18 years. Well-cared boat. The crew is British-Italian-French. They are looking for someone who has an amenable attitude. The candidate MUST speak good level of english, also a bit of Italian would be great. It is a Crew that gets well with each other, compatible, helps each other in every field. 4 male crew therefore female candidates will share the cabin with male crew member. Salary is 4.000-4.500 Euro. Please apply online with great references.


Job Length:





STCW+ENG1 (or Seafarer's Medical Cert.)

Yacht Size:



4.000-4.500 Euro