Atlantico's consultancy packages tailored to the needs of newly built or actively cruising boats include five main domains:  

  • Interior decoration  
  • Interior equipment purchase  
  • Galley equipment purchase  
  • Crew placement and on-board trainings  
  • Corporate yacht identity design and application    


Interior Decoration

Atlantico offers a diverse selection of luxury furniture for all interior and exterior decoration projects. Atlantico collaborate with recognised interior designer Didem Üretmen Pellecchia and her international and professional client base including notable architects and interior designers from Milan. Thanks to our collaborations, we provide accesses with advantageous prices to worldwide renowned brands. Atlantico aims to provide its clients with most complete service, from research and advisory to the design proposal, the ordering process as well as the delivery and final installation.      


Galley Equipment Purchase  

Galley equipment are all kinds of industrial kitchen equipment indispensable for professional cooking.  

Why Do You Need This Service?

Galleys, differing greatly from home or restaurant kitchens, have unique requirements. A galley should not be considered as a home kitchen. On the other hand, it cannot be as comprehensive and large as a restaurant kitchen. Therefore, the sizes and quantity of kitchen equipment vary according to the size of the yacht. Selection of industrial equipment suitable for galley utilization is crucial for achieving restaurant quality in dishes and requires expertise and experience.    


Crew Placement and On-Board Trainings

Includes phases of interior crew placement, appropriate chef, steward/ess selection and recommendation.  

Why Do You Need This Service?

Another important factor determining the quality of the time you spent on your yacht besides the physical conditions is a crew meeting your expectations. As the best agency bringing experienced and trained yacht crew together, Atlantico provides the on-board trainings necessary for a perfect team work. You can visit the Crew Training pages for detailed information on our approach in crew selection and our crew trainings.


Corporate Yacht Identity

Corporate identity development includes crew uniform selection and procurement organization, name & logo design according to motor yacht or sailboat form and implementation on interior equipment and crew uniform.  

Why Do You Need This Service?

Corporate identity design requires a holistic approach. Atlantico provides professional support for visually consistent and high quality application of yacht logo on different objects and surfaces ranging from dinner table components such as plates, place mats; textiles such as towels, linens to crew uniforms.