There is no single definition for a special evening and an event of unique memories. With Atlantica, enjoy the excellent cuisines under the management of a professional chef with as many guests as you wish, never worrying about taste and quality.

We have grouped our professional chefs under 3 categories in order to make the private chef service much more accessible and to make Atlantica's chef placement service suitable for every budget and preference.

Michelin-Starred chefs, well-known restaurant chefs, private chefs provide their services under the guarantee of Atlantica brand.


Michelin-Starred and Award-Winning Chefs

You can invite Michelin starred chefs with their team a part of your most important organization. Let's plan this experience together so that you can enjoy award-winning plates created by unique minds on your table.

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Professional Chefs

With our minimum 8 years experienced chefs of Top Restaurants, you can turn your event into an unforgettable occasion by getting a perfectly planned and special menu.

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From 500 € Daily


Private Chefs

Our private chefs with minimum 3 years of experience have worked in the best restaurants and high-end kitchens throughout their careers. Combining this experience and skills with a personalized approach, private chefs are the ideal profile for both special events and short & long term recruitment. Our chefs, who are experienced in the cuisines of many countries, can bring the perfect flavors of well-established cuisines such as French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, British, Middle Eastern, American, Asian and Japanese, Indian and Mexican to your table.

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From 200 € Daily

English speaking customers living in Turkey, Please contact with us about chef prices in Turkey, due to the inconsistent exchange rate difference between Turkish Lira and Euro.

If you agree with the chef for our short or long term categories, the pricing will be calculated montly and will be more economical as a monthly salary than the daily rate. For detailed information please see terms and fees.