Chef Terms and Conditions


By giving your confirmation, putting a check mark on the check box or simply visiting our website, you are indicating you agree with our terms and conditions. The following agreement is written for candidate’s advice, guidance and potential employment protection. We ask that you accept our Terms and Conditions before the process starts, not to inconvenience you, rather to make sure that there are no surprises and so that you end up a satisfied chef.

Atlantica Private Chefs provides private chef training for experienced and qualified private chef candidates from all over the world and chef placement for the houses, private estates, luxury ski chalet, private and corporate events, professional events in any location in the World. You acknowledge that you do not acquire any rights to reuse the content, layout and data in any manner. Use of the website and its data is governed by these terms and conditions. The data presented by the company is protected under international copyright laws. 

The company makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information presented to Employers is accurate prior to forwarding information to an employer; however, due to the fact that the data is being entered by individual chefs from various locations, it is agreed that no guarantee as to the accuracy of information presented is expressed or implied. 

Definition of Terms 

  • Company, Atlantica, Us, We, Our, Chef Agency: Atlantica Private Chefs, as Deniz Kurt Gorsev an Italian Registered company which provides chef placement for the houses, private estates, luxury ski chalet, private and corporate events and professional events in any location in the World. 
  • Chef, Candidate, You, They: Any person or company submitting their information on the website, making verbal presentations to Company personnel, or otherwise indicating their desire to find employment through the Company. 
  • Registration: The process undertaken by chefs seeking work to submit their details to the company. 
  • Employer, Client : Any person or corporation requesting chef from the Company, the Employer can be the owner of the house, owner’s representative or a company, company employee or agent acting on behalf of the owner. Atlantica does not employ Chefs. 
  • Website: The Company website
  • Job order: A request to find a chef received by Company personnel.  
  • Long-term chef placement: Any position which does not have a fixed end date or full time and fixed term permanent placements exceeding 6 months.
  • Short-term chef placement: Any position which has a fixed end date of employment exceeding 7 days but less than 6 months
  • Private Dining: Private dining definition is any event up to 20 guests. 
  • Professional Events: Professional event definition is any event with more than 20 guests. 
  • Validity: These terms and conditions are valid until amended by the company and can be amended at any time. 
  • Chef Coordinator: Company staff who match chefs to specific job criteria. 

Atlantica Discrimination Policy / Blacklist Policy

  • Atlantica Chefs is a Chef placement and Consultancy Agency which operates in a non discriminatory manner across gender, sexuality, race, religious beliefs, age and disability. We welcome all applications from people of all backgrounds.
  • Atlantica does not operate a ‘blacklist’ of any kind.

Chef Agreements  

  • Chefs after giving their confirmation by putting a check mark on the check box indicating they agree with our terms and conditions. Indicate their agreement with these Terms which also indicates they have read and understood them. If chefs choose not to accept these Terms and will not be able to register and be represented by us. 
  • Atlantica screens candidates, checks resumes, interviews candidates, checks references and confirms availability as part of our service, but cannot be responsible for the actions of chef after hiring.
  • Atlantica does not employ chefs. It is the Employer responsibility to hire the chef according to the laws of the country where they are located. Atlantica does not make any payment to Chefs. After the commencement of the business relationship between the Chef and the Employer, the Chef and the Employer are responsible to each other in terms of any material and moral demands arising from the business relationship between them. Atlantica provided the parties with the necessary information to comply with the Social Security and Tax obligations in accordance with the laws of the country where the business will be performed. No liability can be attributed to Atlantica for failure to fulfill these obligations.
  • Atlantica does not pay the chefs. We ask that our clients pay the chefs directly on an hourly, daily or a monthly basis at a rate and frequency agreed with Atlantica prior to the commencement of their engagement.  
  • No chef / candidate will be charged for registering or being represented by Atlantica. The agency fee incurred during the recruitment process is solely paid by the client.
  • Atlantica makes sure that candidates are equally offered opportunities to the positions available through the chef coordinator. 
  • We offer candidates help and advice regarding the presentation of their CV, career advancement, interview techniques and personal presentations, advice for training, future training and any other assistance we can reasonably give. 
  • All information contained within the CV is to the best of the chef's knowledge correct. 
  • All the qualifications and references uploaded are chef’s property and the information contained within is correct and not been falsified or edited in any way. 
  • Chefs agree to us using any information on their CV or in the documents uploaded to be used by us for the purpose of gaining their employment as we see fit. You further agree that this information may be distributed by the Company to former Employers, prospective Employers and other parties without your knowledge for the purposes of finding you employment, verifying your experience, verifying your certifications or any other purpose deemed appropriate by the Company. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the company from any damages caused through any misrepresentation or error made by you. 
  • Chefs are required to take original copies of all their documentation on board with them for the clients records / inspections once they gain employment 
  • Atlantica, just gather chef and employer/ employer's representative, however there is no relation on the basis of Labor Law between chef and Atlantica. For this reason, Atlantica is not legally answerable for the fees that are not paid to chef and occupational health and safety of chef. All responsibility in this regard belongs to the employer/client or employer's representative.
  • Atlantica has made necessary enlightenment to employer/ client, employer's representative and chef about making the agreement in written form. In the case of not making the agreement in written form or In case of non-fulfillment of Social Security and Tax Liabilities in recruitment in all categories despite our enlightenment, Atlantica does not have any responsibility .
  • The Employer is responsible for all travel and incidental expenses in getting the candidate to and from the event area/house/private estate. 
  • The client can organize a trial cooking for short term or long term chef placements to decide about the right chef candidate for their needs. Trial cooking can be organized only for a single day or two days. The client pays the candidate on a daily basis. The daily fee requested by the candidate for the trail cooking will be notified to the client by Atlantica and/or by the chef. Transportation and accomodation costs (airways-train-bus-taxi-airport transfer-hotels) of the candidate are fully under client's responsibility. In a single day or two day trial cooking, the client can try the  chef candidate for lunch or dinner, or request both lunch and dinner. The chef candidate will prepare menus for the client according to the cuisine the client prefers to try, or the name of a meal. The candidate will inform the client of the budget of shopping and organize the shopping. The client must allocate the necessary budget for shopping, provide the client's vehicle driven by chauffeur or taxi expenses to the candidate. The clients are required to make daily payments for the trial cooking to the chef candidate. Atlantica does not charge any agency fees for trial cooking. The client needs to pay the chef and we offer no free trial cooking on any type of our placements.
  • Atlantica makes sure that a chef is a citizen of the country where the employment starts or she/he has the right to work in that country with a work permit and / or a short-term work visa. The examination made by Atlantica is a simple work permit, work visa and passport check, and no responsibility can be attributed to Atlantica due to the negativities/legal problems that may arise from the chef and the visa applications of the countries.
  • The client agrees to take full responsibility and ensure that they have insurance cover to protect chefs and/or The client / employer or employer's representative are exclusively responsible for the safety and right to life of the chef candidate, after he/she joins the house or event area. Atlantica does not have any responsibility in this matter. 
  • There is an 18-month period of cooperation between Atlantica and the chef, starting from the date of chef's employment.  Atlantica will represent the Chef, in all employment processes to be established by the client who employs the chef through providing the chef a new occupation with another employer or recommending the chef to the third parties. As explained with the examples, in case of a job offer from a 3rd person to the chef in regard to the employment relationship between the client and the chef, the chef will immediately notify Atlantica. If a new employment is provided as a result of the representation relationship, Atlantica will charge a placement fee from the new client. 
  • Atlantica does not determine the salary of the chef, nor does it negotiate the salary of the chef with the client. Atlantica only informs the chef and the client about the current industry salary range. It is the chef's responsibility to discuss and negotiate salary with the employer. No responsibility can be attributed to Atlantica for the salary of the chef.

Complaints Procedure  

  • At Atlantica Private Chefs we pride ourselves on our chef friendly policies. We aim to provide chefs with an open transparent service that supports both our clients and the chef we introduce. If you feel we have fallen short of these high standards then please be assured that we will take your concerns seriously.
  • If you have a complaint about Atlantica, please write to Deniz Kurt Gorsev at: Atlantica Private Chefs- Via Frigirola 1, COMO Lombardy -ITALY Alternatively, you can email about your concerns. On receipt of your complaint. We will send you a letter or email, acknowledging your complaint and confirming its receipt. You should expect to receive this confirmation within 7 working days of us receiving your complaint. We will then record your complaint in our central register and start to investigate on your behalf. This is likely to involve the following steps:

1. Examining your records to ascertain the sequence of relevant events

2. Asking the member of staff with whom you dealt to provide a written response

  • A full response to your complaint will be drafted by Deniz Kurt or the chef coordinator who is dealing with your file. If appropriate, Deniz Kurt may wish to discuss the events surrounding your complaint directly with you, and, if appropriate, offer an apology.
  • We aim to acknowledge, investigate and resolve all complaints within 21 working days of receipt. If you are dissatisfied about any aspect of the way in which your data is processed you may, in the first instance refer the matter to:


Updating Your Profile

You agree to keep your profile up to date. Should it have been 1 year since you updated your personal information on the portal formed on our website ,we will send you an email acknowledging the situation. If no update entered within 1 month after notification date, your data will be destroyed irreversibly.

Intellectual Property

  • You are solely responsible for all communications or contents made on the Atlantica Private chefs website with your login credentials. Atlantica has the right, but not the obligation, to correct any error or omission in any content, as determined, at its own discretion.
  • Atlantica respects the intellectual property of its members and requests its users and members to do the same. If you believe that your work is being copied in such a way that violates your intellectual property rights, please contact Atlantica as soon as possible.
  • All rights of reproduction of texts, images, logos, and any element of the pages of the Atlantica website cannot be reproduced, as a whole or in part, without specific and prior consent of Atlantica Private Chefs.
  • Any copy, in part or as a whole, for advertising or commercial purposes, on any medium whatsoever, is strictly prohibited and/or is subject to the prior written consent of Atlantica. Any request for authorization to copy must be sent to:info@atlanticaprivatechefs

Privacy Policy

  • We, as Atlantica Private Chefs, follow a company policy that respects your personal data.
  • By using this website you are indicating you agree with our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with it, please stop using the website. This Privacy Notice details how Bonabag collects and uses the personal data that you provide us if you are.
  • You can reach our Privacy Policy from here.