By using this website you are indicating you agree with our terms and conditions. The following agreement is written for candidate’s advice, guidance and potential employment protection. We ask that you accept our Terms and Conditions before the process starts, not to inconvenience you, rather to make sure that there are no surprises and so that you end up a satisfied crew member
The company makes information available to crewmembers and employers where they can browse available jobs and crew through the internet. You acknowledge that you do not acquire any rights to reuse the content, layout and data in any manner. Use of the website and its data is governed by these terms and conditions. The data presented by the company is protected under international copyright laws. 
The company makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information presented to Employers is accurate prior to forwarding information to an employer; however, due to the fact that the data is being entered by individual crew members from various locations, it is agreed that no guarantee as to the accuracy of information presented is expressed or implied. 
Definition of Terms 
  • Company, Atlantico, Us, We, Our, Crew Agency: Atlantico Yachting, as Deniz Kurt an Italian Registered company which provides decoration consultancy and interior equipment purchases consultancy for clients, also chef training for experienced and qualified yacht chef candidates from all over the world and interior crew placement for the Luxury Super Yachts and Mega Yacht Industry. 
  • Crew, Crew member, Candidate, You, They: Any person or company submitting their information on the website, making verbal presentation to Company personnel, or otherwise indicating their desire to find employment through the Company. 
  • Registration: The process undertaken by crew seeking work to submit their details to the company. 
  • Employer, Client : Any person or corporation requesting crew from the Company, the Employer can be the owner of the yacht, owner’s representative, the captain or any crew member or yacht management company, yacht management company employee or agent acting on behalf of the owner. Atlantico Yachting does not employ Crew. 
  • Website: The Company website 
  • Job order: A request to find crew received by Company personnel. 
  • Submitted or Submittal: The forwarding of or presentation of candidates from the Company to the Employer by any means. 
  • Permanent: Any position which does not have a fixed end date or full time and fixed term permanent placements exceeding 6 months.
  • Seasonal: Any position which has a fixed end date of employment exceeding 3 months but less than 6 months
  • Temporary: Any position which has a fixed end date of employment up to 3 months. 
  • Validity: These terms and conditions are valid until amended by the company and can be amended at any time. 
  • Crew Coordinator: Company staff who match crew to specific job criteria. 
  • MLC: Means the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Maritime Labour Convention (MLC,2006) 
Atlantico Discrimination Policy / Blacklist Policy 
  • Atlantico Yachting is a Interior Crew Training, Placement and Consultancy Agency which operates in a non discriminatory manner across gender, sexuality, race, religious beliefs, age and disability
  • We welcome all applications from people of all backgrounds. 
  • Atlantico does not operate a ‘blacklist’ of any kind. 
Crew Agrements  
  • Crew members after registering and uploading or sending their documentation to us, they are indicating they agree with our terms and conditions. Indicate their agreement with these Terms which also indicates they have read and understood them. If crew member choose not to accepted these Terms and will not be able to register and be represented by us. 
  • Atlantico screens candidates, checks resumes, interviews candidates, checks references and confirms availability (except as previous noted) as part of our service, but cannot be responsible for the actions of candidates after hiring.
  • Atlantico does not employ crew.
  • No crew member / candidate will be charged for registering or being represented by Atlantico. The fee incurred during the recruitment process is solely paid by the client 
  • Crew members are not required to assist the yacht with any payments to ensure employment. 
  • Atlantico makes sure that candidates are equally offered opportunities to the positions available through the crew coordinator. 
  • We offer candidates help and advice regarding the presentation of their CV, career advancement, interview technics and personal presentations, advice for training, future training and any other assistance we can reasonably give. 
  • All information contained within the CV is to the best of crew member’s knowledge correct 
  • All the qualifications and references uploaded are crew’s property and the information contained within is correct and not been falsified or edited in any way 
  • Crew members agree to us using any information on their CV or in the documents uploaded to be used by us for the purpose of gaining they employment as we see fit. 
  • You further agree that this information may be distributed by the Company to former Employers, prospective Employers and other parties without your knowledge for the purposes of finding you employment, verifying your experience, verifying your certifications or any other purpose deemed appropriate by the Company. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the company from any damages caused through any misrepresentation or error made by you. 
  • Crew members are required to take original copies of all their documentation on board with them for the clients records / inspections once they gain employment 
  • Crew members are also required to bring original copies of all their documentation along to their registration interview (should they have one) with Atlantico. 
  • Many yacht crew work as a team with their partner. The company reserves the right to charge a second placement fee for the partner when the crew coordinator makes the employer aware of the team status during the initial introduction. 
  • Should crew members become employed through a client of Atlantico’s that we have placed them into then they will be required to send a copy of their signed contract to us. If this is against the boats policy we will require an email confirming that they have received their contract, have signed it, have a copy and they are happy with it. 
  • Atlantico makes sure that candidates are informed of their rights and responsibilities before joining a yacht. 
  • Atlantico will be available by email and telephone 24/7 for placed candidates and their families. 
  • Atlantico informs crew candiates of the possible problems of signing on to a vessel flying a Flag of State which has not ratified the MLC 2006
Seafarers Rights :
  • Under the MLC 2006 Legislation, Crew member as a seafarer are entitled to the following by all clients which are MLC 2006 Compliant 
  • Crew member’s contract should be written in English and contain information on employment agreements, wages, hours of rest, entitlement to leave, repatriation, compensation for a ship’s loss or foundering, manning levels, career and skills development, employment opportunities
  • Crew member should receive, as a minimum, employment contract via email prior to joining the client so they have the opportunity to read their contract before signing it 
  • Having signed their contract you are entitled to a copy of it 
  • The following contains some of crew member’s key rights but is not limited to: 
    • 2.5 days of holiday per calendar month 
    • 10 hours of rest per 24 hours and 77 hours of rest per 7 days 
    • Repatriation to your home country 
    • Suitable accommodation and recreational facilities
    • Health and social security protection benefits 
A full and detailed breakdown of your Seafarers rights can be found here 
5: Complaints Procedure 
  • At Atlantico Yachting we pride ourselves on our crew friendly policies. We aim to provide crew with an open transparent service that supports both our clients and the crew we introduce. If you feel we have fallen short of these high standards then please be assured that we will take your concerns seriously.
  • If you have a complaint about Atlantico, please write to Deniz Kurt at:
  • Atlantico Yachting- Via Castel Morrone 14-33 Milan 20129 Lombardy -ITALY Alternatively, you can email or call +39 348 8684996 outlining your concerns.
  • On receipt of your complaint…We will send you a letter or email, acknowledging your complaint and confirming its receipt. You should expect to receive this confirmation within 7 working days of us receiving your complaint.
  • We will then record your complaint in our central register and start to investigate on your behalf. This is likely to involve the following steps:
1. Examining your records to ascertain the sequence of relevant events
2. Asking the member of staff with whom you dealt to provide a written response
  • A full response to your complaint will be drafted by Deniz Kurt or the crew coordinator who is dealing with your file. If appropriate, Deniz Kurt may wish to discuss the events surrounding your complaint directly with you, and, if appropriate, offer an apology.
  • We aim to acknowledge, investigate and resolve all complaints within 21 working days of receipt. If you are dissatisfied about any aspect of the way in which your data is processed you may, in the first instance refer the matter to: 
Last Revision: April 2020

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