Galley Consultancy

Atlantico's consultancy packages tailored to the needs of newly built or actively cruising boats include two main domains:  

  • Galley design   
  • Galley equipment purchase  
Galley Design

Galley Design

As a result of our yacht experience over the years, many major or minor mistakes that we have seen in Galley designs, which have important consequences, have caused us to provide consultancy to the galley design phase from the perspective of the chef.

Please contact us for consultancy on galley design while the yacht is still under construction.

Galley Equipment Purchase

Galley Equipment Purchase

Galley equipment are all kinds of industrial kitchen equipment indispensable for professional cooking.  

Why Do You Need This Service?

Galleys, differing greatly from home or restaurant kitchens, have unique requirements. A galley should not be considered as a home kitchen. On the other hand, it cannot be as comprehensive and large as a restaurant kitchen. Therefore, the sizes and quantity of kitchen equipment vary according to the size of the yacht. Selection of industrial equipment suitable for galley utilization is crucial for achieving restaurant quality in dishes and requires expertise and experience.    

Projects Completed

55mt /180ft MOTORYACHT VEGA- Amels - HOLLAND / Galley Equipment Consultancy 

63.8mt / 209'3ft MOTORYACHT MAGNA GRECIA- Elsflether Werft - GERMANY / Galley Equipment Consultancy 

39.3mt / 128'11ft MOTORYACHT BELKA- Tansu Yachts- TURKEY / Interior and Galley Equipment Consultancy and Crew trainings 

29.6mt / 96'9ft MOTORYACHT- Monte Carlo Yachts - ITALY / Interior and Galley Equipment Consultancy- Crew trainigns

43mt / 141'1ft MOTORYACHT TURKEY / Interior and Galley Equipment Consultancy, Crew trainings