I'd like to book a chef. What shall I do?
First, fill out our form or send an e-mail to let us know the basic information about what kind of chef you need. In the next step, our Chef Advisors will contact you to obtain a detailed job description. After signing the preliminary agreement stating that you accept our terms, you will be presented with a carefully crafted list of Chefs or Cooks fitting your needs and expectations.
After selecting the chef, how do I proceed?
Once, you select the chef, we will send a booking confirmation via email providing information about the next phase. We will establish communications between the Chef/Cook and you about menu planning, shopping, schedules, budgeting and other details. For long-term placements, it is possible to set up a trial cooking with your chef candidate. The above-mentioned conditions change for Michelin starred and Professional Chef placement and large organizations such as corporate dinners. Please contact us directly.
How can I organize a trial cooking before long-term placement?
Trial cooking can be organized only for a single day or two days. You pay to the chef daily basis. The daily fee requested by the chef for the trail cooking will be notified to you. Transportation costs (airways-train-bus-taxi-airport transfer) of the chef are fully under your responsibility. In a single day or two day trial cooking, you can try your chef candidate in lunch or dinner, or request both lunch and dinner. The chef candidate will prepare menus for you according to the cuisine you prefer to try, or the name of a meal. The chef will inform you of the budget and organize for shopping. You must allocate the necessary budget for shopping, provide your vehicle driven by your chauffeur or taxi expenses to the chef. Even if the chef resides in your town/city, you should organize the chef’s accommodation when you decide to try the chef for two days. You are required to make daily payments for the trial cooking to the chef. Atlantica does not charge any fees for trial cooking.
How do I pay after I approve the chef?
You are required to pay the Chef/Cook directly before the event starts at a ratio approved by us. Atlantica agency fee will also be invoiced to you one day before the event date. For recruitment and placement exceeding 1,5 months, the chef fee is calculated monthly. For placement from one week to one and a half months, the fee can be calculated on a monthly or daily basis.
My cooking equipment is insufficient. Can the chef bring her/his equipment?
All of our Chefs and Cooks have a high level of skill and experience in adapting to any kind of cuisine and organizing kitchen. If they need any additional equipment, they may bring their own equipment or will notify you for purchase.
What about drinks? Will the chef I select be able to make suggestions?
Please let us know if this is something you would like the Chef to make. Based on your note in this regard, a chef will be selected who can advise you on drinks.
How will the menu planning be done?
We will be able to determine what kind of cuisine you desire with the information you will give while booking. If you wish for a specific cooking style or have special preferences, we will recommend the best chef or cook to fulfill such requirements. You will be able to evaluate the recommended chefs by reviewing their files containing sample plate pictures. Afterwards, your Chef/Cook will contact with you and provide menu options.
What if I need to cancel?
You reserve the right to cancel free of charge up to 48 hours (2 days) before the event. If you cancel less than 48 hours (2 days) before the event, you will be required to pay 100% of our reservation fee and 50% of the chef's agreed fee. We start working to find the right chef for you upon our agreement stating that you accept our terms in long and short term recruitment. If you cancel at any stage of this work except for force majeure, you are required to pay 50% of Atlantica's agreed fee. * The cancellation notice period is 5 days for chefs arriving by airways.
What happens in case the chef cancels?
In the event that chef’s placement is cancelled due to force majeure such as chef’s health problems, accident, etc., or if the business relation is terminated within the probation period, Atlantica is obliged to recommend and select another chef to the client in accordance with the demands and needs of the client. Atlantica does not charge a fee for this selection and the second placement.
Who will serve?
Most chefs and cooks will be happy to do this, however this may not always be feasible for larger events. For events exceeding 10 persons, we recommend that you obtain experienced Service Personnel service.
Will my chef shop?
Yes, the chef does all the kitchen shopping. Chefs prefer to make their own shopping, and your only task is to provide the budget the chef will need for the supply list.
Will the chef need a whole day in my kitchen to prepare?
It depends on the menu you choose. Your chef or cook will adapt to your needs and, if necessary, your chef can pre-prepare before arriving at the event venue/your home or may need to arrive a day or two in advance. Please see the Private dining category.
Will the cook or chef wash the dishes?
For events with more than 10 guests, we recommend that you provide assistance for washing the dishes.